Completely Customizable. 100% Money Back Guarantee lets you create and send letters from Santa Claus to misbehaving grownups. You may use the supplied letter template, or you can replace all of it with your own wording. Once you complete your order, we print it out on our own Santa Claus stationery and then mail it for you in a brightly colored foil envelope - complete with north pole "postage".


Flexible. Powerful. Easy. Fun. Santa Claus knows there are many, many naughty grownups, and normally doesn't concern himself with discussing their behavior - they are adults, afterall - so usually he just leaves a lump of coal... or nothing at all.

Effective immediately, Santa is pleased to annouce that grownups can call out the bad behavior they see in their friends, spouse, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Use to send custom letters from Santa that are fun, humorous, serious, cheeky, romantic, or even a little embarassing. The recipient doesn't even have to know who the sender is - other than Santa Claus. Though after the recipient has received the letter, we recommend you bring the letter up during conversation so they know there are no hard feelings - just a little sheepish fun.

What's Included?

1) A letter from Santa Claus ...

Santa's letter will be printed on his own personal stationery. The letter will arrive in perfect condition, unfolded, mailed in a water-resistant shiny red metallic foil envelope. The letter can be framed or put into a scrapbook. The letter is accompanied by a picture of Santa Claus reviewing his Naughty list.

2) A picture or snapshot from Santa ...

A 5x7 picture of Santa reviewing his Naughty list is sure to bring an extra level of excitement. This is not a home computer printout, but a professionally printed image. The back side of this high quality picture features a personal message to the naughty recipient. And as always here at, the back of this picture will be hand signed by Santa himself.

Add An Optional "Naughty List Certificate"


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Naughty List recognition certificate says "Santa Claus Department of Good Boys & Good Girls hereby rescinds and revokes all privileges previously granted to (their name) for actions inconsistent with good behavior throughout the year." Printed with the recipient's full name (as entered in the First Name and Last Name fields when you create the letter). Hand-signed, not a computer printed signature. Gold foil imprinting on thick, high quality paper adds to the certificate's authenticity. 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Limit 1 per letter. Can be added to your order after you create your letter.

North Pole Postage

The Santa letter is mailed with a "special" North Pole postage stamp. This is real United States postage that cannot be purchased separately.

Letter, picture and unlimited laughs for just $14.99
Freedom to say whatever you need Santa to say
Authentic North Pole postage
Individual attention to every single letter
Great for ages 15 - 102.
Money-back guarantee

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